How’s The Book Coming?

A few updates about writing, work, and travel.

How much do I love sabbatical-land? Oh, let me count the ways!

I’m grateful for summer, which has been full of barbecues, road trips, family outings, movie nights, and plenty of that once-elusive elixir: sleep. From my relaxed coffees with M, to our goofy Dungeons and Dragons games with the guys, to afternoons spent with a book in my lap, the last few months have contained everything I could have asked for.

Whistler, BC. July 2017

It’s been an interesting year! While we traveled from January to April, I felt myself letting go of my old habits, and loosening up. Then from May until July, I had a long and lazy summer, tossing away my plans and my calendar, and letting the days blur into one another.

Now, as fall approaches, I feel ready to do things again, and I’m glad! Here are some assorted updates on what I’m up to:

How’s the Book Coming?

Despite being lazy this summer, my writing has been going well. For the first time, I’m working on multiple projects at once.

Kat Voyzey #3 – The first draft is complete! It’s been sitting in my cabinet for a month now, aging like a delicious cheese. I begin edits on August 21st, and I plan to release the book this fall if all goes according to plan.

(Unnamed) Spy Novel #1 – The structure (characters, backstory, premise, outline) is complete, and I’m about 15% of the way into the first draft.

I’ve got two other novels in the concept stage, which is a fancy way of saying I know what they’re about, but they’re waiting in the queue. I have fantasies of being the kind of writer who can put out 2 or 3 novels in a year, but that’s still a work in progress. So far, so good!

OD Consulting

My sabbatical from consulting will last until at least the middle of 2018, but I know something now that I didn’t know before: I actually do want to return.

When I left work, I didn’t know how I’d feel. Now that I’ve decompressed and stepped away for a bit, I can say with confidence that I do miss the work and I still want to do it. (This knowledge makes me happy!) That leaves me with a problem to solve: my old business model isn’t compatible with long term travel.

Traveling is great, and I want to keep doing it! Writing is wonderful, and I want to keep doing that too. How do I add consulting back into the mix without torpedoing everything else? I don’t have my answer yet, but I’m thinking about it, and hard.

Getting Healthier

For some reason, I lose weight when we travel, and I pack it back on when we’re home. I’m trying to break that cycle by using the next four months to make some improvements to my health. My top-level goal is to drop some excess body fat, via old-fashioned calorie restriction and moderate exercise. It may not be trendy, but I know it works, which is why I’m currently weighing my dinner before I eat it.

My friend, the Bosu Ball

Oddly, I’m feeling optimistic about this particular project. Probably it’s because I’m well-equipped to reach my goals, having learned quite a bit the last few times I tried to lose weight. And I’m feeling very supported, too. P stocks the fridge with hard boiled eggs for my breakfast. My friend M taught me how to lift kettlebells. The Wonder Woman soundtrack has been marvelously inspirational.

I can’t help but think: I’ve got this!

Preparing for Our Next Adventure

And yes, it’s time to prepare for our next international trip!

Estoy estudiando español. No sé muchas palabras, pero estudio cinco días a la semana. Yo uso el programa LingQ, y también DuoLingo. Me gusto ver telenovas, especialmente “Reina del Sur”.

¿Por qué estamos estudiando español? Porque viajamos a Sudamérica en diciembre! Vamos a Colombia, Perú, Ecuador y Chile.

We’ve never been to that part of the world, and we can’t wait!

Getting Things Done

Last week, for the first time since last year, I had to pull out my calendar and block out some time because I had more to do than I had hours in the day.

Life has gotten busy enough that if I want to sit down and write I need to block out that time, put on my headphones, and prevent other things from nibbling those hours away. The sabbatical has gotten crowded. Too much good stuff!

So, that’s my update. What’s new with you?

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4 thoughts on “How’s The Book Coming?

  1. Hi Cheri. Enjoyed the update. We are living at Lake Wenatchee as close to full time as possible. My best friend and her hubby are here for the month of August and we drove out to the Olympic Penninsula for a few days. Walla Walla next weekend and then viewing the eclipse in eastern Oregon. Our kids and grandkids were here for the weekend. Three grandkids, ages 4,2 and 1 make for a noisy, lively couple of days. They all left this morning so Mike and I are luxuriating in the early morning silence. (I was up all night with my son helping care him for his miserable baby boy who developed croup).
    Talking about sabbaticals, or in my case, retirement, I realized the other day that I no longer wear a watch. I love watches and have quite the collection. I always wore one when I was working. But have no need for one now. Not even aware of when I stopped. I am sure I will wear one when we start traveling again. The one that shows two time zones so I know what time it is in Seattle. Small but significant change for me.
    I thought retirement would slow down time. But it flies by as fast as ever. I spend my day partially productivie, partially slothful, and most of the time with no deadlines. Very enjoyable.
    Would love you and P to come up to our cabin in September.

    • We’d love to see the cabin! And I love that you no longer wear a watch, it sounds very freeing! I am always losing track of time, until I realize I’m hungry and I’ve blown past lunch or dinner. Sorry for the delay in responding, I’m still figuring this comment feature on the blog.

  2. Cheri, I can’t be the first to say that I’m in awe of how productive you are on your sabbatical. It inspires me, and I love the way you are making room for body, mind, and soul. Hugs.

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