A Good Day at the Office

It’s always fun to check social media on the first day of Nanowrimo because everyone’s full of day one energy. They’re chugging caffeine and bouncing around like kittens,  proudly showing off their word counts, and feeling the camaraderie of the starting line. So I say: Huzzah for day one enthusiasm!

My only quibble about word count sharing is that it can feel like a d**k-measuring contest if you’re not careful. That’s especially true when you have people (like me) who can write all day throwing their numbers up in the faces of those who could only squeak out forty-five minutes to write because they’re raising kids and holding down a job or two.

Instead of focusing on numbers, I’ll ask myself:

  1. Did I move my story forward today?
  2. Did I have fun doing it?

Day one was a YES and YES for me. And that’s why I’ll call this a good day at the office. ☺

Nano Badge: I Started My Novel!
Badge from @Nanowrimo on Twitter