Cheri, exercising her imagination.

Hey there. You’ve clicked on my about page, and I’m flattered! My name is Cheri, and I’m a writer from Seattle Washington.

I’ve been a book lover my entire life, and for many years writing was my hobby, something I did on the weekends or in the early hours of the morning before work. My background is in business and organizational psychology. You might say I’ve always been curious about what makes people tick, especially at work. And teamwork, although it sounds like a cliche, truly can save the day. You’ll see some of those themes in my novels if you squint.

In 2018, after a travel sabbatical, I decided to take my writing more seriously. And in late 2019 I left my day job behind entirely. (Scary scary!) Adventurous Ink is a small family business. I do the writing and marketing and my husband Patrick handles finance and book production. We make a great team. 😊

When I’m not writing I tend to spend my time reading, hanging out with P, watching terrible monster movies, drinking coffee, having movie nights with friends, playing Dungeons and Dragons, walking through the city, and thinking up twisty murder plots. Rainy weather makes me happy, and so does the fact that you visited my website! Thanks so much for supporting my work.

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