Behold the new Doctor!

It’s time for a new season of the BBC’s Doctor Who! And as a fan for the last twenty years, I was eager to see what the new Doctor (played by Jodi Whittaker) would bring to the role.

The new Doctor Who stands on a hill in shadow with the Tardis visible on a distant hill.

I won’t spoil the episode, which was an enjoyable introduction, but I will tell you what I liked the most about this iteration of the Doctor: Her self-awareness and joy.

It was something rare and lovely! An expression of positivity that doesn’t sacrifice strength or vulnerability. Here’s a tiny snippet:

There’s this moment when you’re sure you’re about to die. And then…you’re born! It’s terrifying. Right now I’m a stranger to myself. There’s echoes of who I was and a sort of call towards who I am. And I have to hold my nerve and trust all these new instincts. Shape myself towards them. I’ll be fine. In the end. Hopefully.

The Doctor has always been brave and wise, caring and fierce, and all those qualities are still there.

But this something extra that Whitaker brings? It excites me very much.

The first episode is currently available for free from the BBC America site.