Berlin Street Art

Street Art: A beautiful woman with a floral headdress. Her body is in black and white and her clothing and flowers are in bright colors. Yellow paint forms a mask over her eyes. The pose is determined. A tall apartment building is blocky and industrial looking. Doodled street art decorates every brick surface, including a suspicious-looking face in black and white looking at you as you pass by. Alien-looking blue ornamentation crawls up the side of the building. An enormous rectangular slab of apartment buildlings. Balconies cover the front, and two streets run beneath the buildling as if cut into the lower part of the edifice. A set of painted eyes peer out froom beneath a green tree, their depth and realism is due to the fact that the irises are actually windows, painted black as to disguise their nature. A tall concrete bunker has been abandoned. It is covered with colorful graffiti and crawling green ivy plants. A staircase leads up toward a door. No entry is permitted. A wall is covered with newspaper ads, then whitewashed. The image of a polar bear is painted on the surface, five feet high. In faint letters below the bear's head, it reads: Over Consumption Is Killing Us

We’re hanging out in Berlin for a few days, and I’m loving the big, blocky, concrete buildings, the fabulous art, and the 80s music everywhere.