What I’ll Be Blogging About

Blogging is tricky when you’re an author of fiction. Focus too much on your books, and it gets boring fast. Geek out about how the sausage is made, and you’ve made a blog for writers, not readers. Most importantly, blogging can become a distraction if you’re not careful. Writing books takes time, and blogging can slurp it up.

Despite those challenges, I love blogs! They let me rummage around in the brains of people I admire. And as a writer, it’s helpful to organize my thoughts in a blog post. It keeps me inspired, organized, and accountable. But this blog needs to be worthwhile if I’m going to invest the time. That’s why I want to get clear on on my subject matter. Not only for myself, but for anyone thinking about following.

What You’ll See Here

While I expect the blog to evolve as I do, here’s an overview of what I’ll be writing about:

Becoming an Author – Writing has been my lifelong hobby, and now it’s a career. As I figure out how to make that work, I want to write about my goals, my efforts, and my progress. As a management consultant I help others succeed in their careers, while improving their productivity and focus. Can I work some of that magic on myself?

Storytelling – I’m a fan of stories. And when I’m reading a book, or a comic book, or watching a movie, there’s usually something to learn. While I’m not interested in being a critic, I want to write about stories and what makes them interesting. Expect a positive approach, and you might pick up some recommendations.

Other Authors – Guest posts are something I want to try out.  Specifically, I want to learn about kickass fictional characters. Where did they come from? What makes them tick? What flaws and strengths do they carry into their story? My planned Character Notes series will be a fun way to discover new books and new authors.

Life, Happiness, & Fun – This blog is my corner of the internet, so I plan to keep it loose. I’ll prioritize the posts I think you’ll enjoy, but I have diverse interests, and you’ll see them reflected here. Expect me to mouth off about things like coffee, internet privacy, shark movies, and travel. A blog should be a playground, I think. Otherwise what’s the point? 😀o.

Subscription Options

So that’s the plan! And if you’d like to follow along, there’s no wrong way to do it. You can use RSS, or bookmark the site for occasional perusal. And I’ve set up a mailing list for those of you who prefer email delivery of new blog posts.

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Thanks for reading! I’m looking forward to what’s to come. 😊

All my best,