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Involuntary Turnover

Cover: Involuntary Turnover

When a beloved coworker is murdered at work, who will insist that justice be done? Meet Kat Voyzey, a most unlikely sleuth.

Fueled by an endless supply of coffee, and assisted by a colorful cast of coworkers, Kat is determined to bring the murderer to justice. But can she do it before the killer strikes again?

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Orientation to Murder

Cover: Orientation to Murder

A missing new hire. A gruesome discovery. An identity-crisis in full swing. Kat’s back on the case. But should she be?
Kat Voyzey knows what she wants and she isn’t afraid to go after it. As the HR director for a busy Seattle hospital, she investigates complaints, solves problems, and offers good advice. Her achievements are getting noticed, and her star is rising. But when an employee goes missing from new hire orientation, Kat will be pushed to her limits.

With the help of her friend Detective Patterson Kat will investigate the victim’s mysterious past. But finding the identity of the criminal isn’t the only problem she’s facing. Not everyone is supportive of her work as an investigator. Will she fight crime, or climb the corporate ladder? Is it better to protect her heart, or take a chance on love? Kat must choose. All while hunting a criminal who seems too close for comfort.

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Death by Team Building

Cover: Death by Team Building

Some trust falls you don’t get up from.

When Kat is required to attend her company’s team building retreat, her biggest concern is staying under the radar. No one wants HR there, and she’d rather be anywhere else on a beautiful snowy weekend. But when a wicked winter storm traps everyone inside the lodge, and a member of their party is murdered, Kat is pulled into the spotlight. As a newly licensed private investigator, this is her moment to shine.

No friends. No backup. And no escape! Just six frightened coworkers, one dead body, an innkeeper couple, and a facilitator. Can Kat find the killer before rising suspicions tear the team apart?

This is one heck of a morale problem! When it comes to management and murder the most difficult decision is knowing who to trust.

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The Assistant

How far would you go to get the life you’ve always dreamed of?

High up in Seattle’s most luxurious office tower, a powerful woman conceals a dangerous secret. As the CEO of a prestigious staffing firm, Dana Duke offers exquisitely trained executive assistants to the city’s business elite.

In corporate America, where the winner takes all, talent isn’t enough to guarantee a victory. That’s why Dana offers a unique set of services to her most ambitious clients: corporate espionage, psychological manipulation, and blackmail.

Meet Jessica Warne, a recent college grad determined to succeed on her own terms. Stuck in a dead-end job and drowning in student loan debt, she’s eager to climb the corporate ladder. When Dana offers her a chance at a better life, it seems her troubles might finally be over. But are they?

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