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The Kat Voyzey Mysteries

Involuntary Turnover

Cover: Involuntary TurnoverWhen a beloved coworker is murdered at work, who will insist that justice be done? Meet Kat Voyzey, a most unlikely sleuth.

HR director Kat Voyzey has a talent for getting things done. Whether it’s brawling employees, difficult bosses, or dress code drama, she knows how to handle a crisis. But when an employee is murdered at the Seattle hospital where Kat works, and the police try to blame the victim, playing by the rules won’t be enough to save the day.

Fueled by an endless supply of coffee, and assisted by a colorful cast of coworkers, Kat is determined to bring the murderer to justice. But can she do it before the killer strikes again?

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Orientation to Murder

Cover: Orientation to MurderA missing new hire. A gruesome discovery. An identity-crisis in full swing. Kat’s back on the case. But should she be?

Kat Voyzey knows what she wants and she isn’t afraid to go after it. As the HR director for a busy Seattle hospital, she investigates complaints, solves problems, and offers good advice. Her achievements are getting noticed, and her star is rising. But when an employee goes missing from new hire orientation, Kat will be pushed to her limits.

With the help of her friend Detective Patterson Kat will investigate the victim’s mysterious past. But finding the identity of the criminal isn’t the only problem she’s facing. Not everyone is supportive of her work as an investigator. Will she fight crime, or climb the corporate ladder? Is it better to protect her heart, or take a chance on love? Kat must choose. All while hunting a criminal who seems too close for comfort.

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Death by Team Building

Cover: Death by Team BuildingSome trust falls you don’t get up from.

When Kat is required to attend her company’s team building retreat, her biggest concern is staying under the radar. No one wants HR there, and she’d rather be anywhere else on a beautiful snowy weekend. But when a wicked winter storm traps everyone inside the lodge, and a member of their party is murdered, Kat is pulled into the spotlight. As a newly licensed private investigator, this is her moment to shine.

No friends. No backup. And no escape! Just six frightened coworkers, one dead body, an innkeeper couple, and a facilitator. Can Kat find the killer before rising suspicions tear the team apart?

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Emerald City Spies

The Assistant

High up in Seattle’s most luxurious office tower a powerful woman conceals a dangerous secret. Dana Duke, the CEO of a prestigious staffing firm, offers exquisitely trained executive assistants to the city’s business elite. Her assistants are brilliant, young, and willing to do whatever it takes to advance the agency’s interests. And in return they’re offered pay and perks beyond their wildest dreams.

One wet and windy morning, a new recruit arrives for an interview with the agency. Jessica Warne is twenty-three years old, ambitious, and eager to climb the corporate ladder. But after quitting her dead-end job in a moment of proud defiance she’s found herself in a desperate situation.

When Dana offers Jessica an orientation period at the agency, it seems her troubles might finally be over. But as the demands of the job become increasingly dangerous, and as the consequences of her work turn deadly, she has to question everything that she’s been told. Can she trust the formidable Dana Duke? And who is the agency working for, really?

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The Ellie Tappet Cruise Ship Mysteries

The Case of the Missing Finger

The Cover of the Book The Case of the Missing Finger. It shows a cruise ship, a gray-haired lady smiling, and her luggage beside her.Take a vacation from your busy life with a cozy mystery at sea!

Ellie Tappet’s retirement plans were put on hold when her beloved husband Ronnie passed away. Two years later, with her children grown and the rest of her life ahead of her, she’s ready to have the adventure she’d planned before her life was turned upside-down. She’s excited to visit the U.S. Virgin Islands on her very first cruise.

After boarding the most beautiful cruise ship she’s ever seen, Ellie’s surprised when she’s assigned a cabin inside the cruise line’s new singles club at sea, but she quickly sees that her new friends aboard could use some advice when it comes to romance. Unfortunately, Ellie’s matchmaking efforts are interrupted when a fellow passenger finds a finger with a big diamond ring on it in her Sangria Surprise!

The passengers are scandalized and tongues are wagging all around the ship. The ship’s security chief seems eager to brush the crime under the rug while others are eager to point fingers at Ellie’s favorite bartender. After thirty years married to a small town police chief, Ellie’s picked up some sleuthing skills of her own, and she knows that justice demands honest answers to the questions rocking the ship. Who does the finger belong to? How did it end up in the boozy drink special of the day? And what other secrets lurk beneath the Caribbean sun?

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The Case of the Karaoke Killer

Book Cover: The Case of the Karaoke KillerMasked Karaoke & Mayhem at Sea!

 Ellie Tappet is back aboard the S.V. Adventurous Spirit, and she’s eager to make a splash as the cruise ship’s first singles coordinator. As the newest member of the crew, she knew she’d have a lot to learn. But what she hadn’t expected was a frosty reception from her new coworkers! The rumor mill is working overtime, and it seems she’s made enemies without even trying.

Ellie wants to help her passengers connect. And she sees the potential for a budding romance or two! But to her dismay, these singles won’t mingle! So she comes up with a creative solution: A masked karaoke contest.

A tragedy on opening night leaves behind more questions than answers. And Ellie’s heartbreak becomes frustration when the official explanation simply doesn’t line up with the facts. But is she imagining a crime where none exists? As Ellie investigates, cruel accusations are flung her way, and troubling incidents pop up all over the ship. Her time is running out. Soon, the ship will return to Miami. Can she catch the person responsible before they disembark and escape justice forever?

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The Case of the Floating Funeral

Book Cover: The Case of the Floating Funeral. Ellie holds a Last Will and Testament and red flowers in front of a cruise ship. She wears funeral colors and a fancy hat.Who Killed Morgan Picklewick?

Wealthy entrepreneur and famed gambler Morgan Picklewick is dead, and his family and friends are coming aboard the S.V. Adventurous Spirit for the memorial service at sea. As the ship heads to sunny South America, Morgan’s heirs will scatter his ashes in the deep blue waters of the Panama Canal. But not everything is as it seems. Morgan’s business partner and friend, Roberta Crowley, strongly suspects that he was murdered by one of his children.

Did one of Morgan’s children kill their father to avoid being disinherited? As Ellie mingles with the mourners, it seems everyone is hiding a motive or two. Perhaps one of his wealthy business partners saw an opportunity to take a bigger piece of the pie? And what about his ex-wife? Is her diva-like behavior covering a guilty conscience? As Morgan’s heirs prepare to seize their father’s stake in the cruise line, with devastating consequences for the crew, Roberta gives Ellie her most difficult assignment yet: Identify Morgan’s killer before the crew is torn apart and scattered to the four winds, forever.


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