Bookmarks: September 2020

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Are you looking for fresh reading material? Here’s a grab bag of seven links from my private Pinboard.


Eleanor Roosevelt’s Son Authored Twenty Mysteries in which His Mother Solves Murders

If you like oval office mysteries, I thought The President is Missing was well-written, and I laughed way too hard at Hope Never Dies.


Has Self-Awareness Gone Too Far in Fiction?

I agree with the hypothesis here.


Musclebound Space Mice May Help Astronauts Make Long Voyages

Cute headline, and interesting science. Modern humans aren’t designed for spaceflight, and we’ll likely need pharmaceutical help if we ever want to colonize the stars.


Nine Female Pirates You Should Know About

Because PIRATES.


Creepy “geofence” Finds Anyone Who Went Near a Crime Scene

Geofence warrants are as scary AF. And they’re a good reason to put your phone in airplane mode when you’re out of the house and not using your phone.


New York is Gone Forever (According to me, a baby with no sense of object permanence)

After all the “cities are dying” articles over the past few months, this one gave me a belly laugh!


Thinking about Investing and the Post-Pandemic Economy

Some crunchy analysis for my fellow finance nerds.


Wow. Were those random or what? I hope you found something you’ll enjoy. πŸ™‚