Concept Art: Cruise Ship Mysteries

Just for fun, here’s a set of covers I put together for a travel-themed mystery series I’m developing.

Three covers. The case of the missing finger. The case of the phantom jogger. The case of the Karaoke Killer. Each cover is a different color but they have the same illustration of a cruise ship.

Most cozy mystery covers feature cute cartoon-style characters, and I may still go that way, but it’s fun to experiment with different looks.

A cozy mystery is a crime novel without “on screen” violence, sex, or unpleasantness. They’re cozy! Think Murder She Wrote or Miss Marple. Or a nosy aunt who solves crime in between her volunteer work and baking cookies.

I enjoy cozies, and cruises, and I figure a cruise ship makes a nice self-contained environment for a murder mystery. Think of all the ways to murder someone on a boat! You could throw them overboard, poison the buffet, drown them in the pool, and that’s just for starters! The possibilities are amazing.

Why, no. I don’t have emotional problems! Why do you ask? 🤣

Anyway, I’m enthused enough about this project that I’m working on it in the evening after my other writing is done. That’s a good sign!

This series is an experiment for me, genre-wise, production-wise, and distribution-wise. Maybe I’ll write more about that later. For now, I just wanna say WHEEE! MURDER ON THE HIGH SEAS!