This Dark Emerald City


As I wrap up the third draft of The Assistant I’ve been appreciating how fun it’s been to write a brand new series. This book is unlike anything I’ve written before, which makes the work both challenging and fun. My favorite combo! Here are some of the major differences:

It’s a suspense novel instead of a traditional murder mystery.

I’m telling the story in third-person instead of first-person.

My heroine is more flawed, yet still awesome.

And I’m telling a bigger story that will unfold over multiple books.

It’s all new to me! And while my next book is a bit darker in tone than my previous ones, I think fans of my last series will like this one too. Both series are crime stories, set in the modern workplace. They both feature smart female protagonists with a knack for getting themselves into trouble. And just like the Kat Voyzey Mysteries, my new series is set in my hometown of Seattle.

But even so, it’s a different Seattle than the one you might know.

The Dark Emerald City

Did you know Seattle has a dark side? Beneath our cheery reputation as a coffee-fueled tech hub there exists a culture rooted in corporate ruthlessness. We gloss over our sins, and we love to blame whatever big company is currently in ascendancy (these days, that means Amazon), but Seattle’s ugly side has always been here. It goes right back to the time of our founding.

I’ve rooted The Assistant in a fictional version of Seattle, but if it feels real to me, that’s because I’ve brushed up against the dark side of Seattle. I love this town, but you can’t truly love a place without seeing its flaws, can you?

In my next book, I invite you into a world of corporate power, a place where ambition, greed, and progress are seen as the highest virtues. Into respectable businesses where a quiet brand of warfare is quietly being waged, well beyond the reach of the law. And into our dark emerald city arrives Jessica Warne, 23 years old and ready to shine.

The Assistant will be the first novel in a new series called Emerald City Spies.

I’m attending Bouchercon this week. (Hooray!) And the following week I’ll send out a sneak peek of the new novel to my newsletter subscribers.

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