Death Valley Dreamscapes

Patrick stands on a white path made of salt looking at distant mountains.A panorama of a brown rumply mountain rising up behind a flat plain of white salt and brown earth.A panorama of the salt flats of Death Valley. The salt has risen from the earth forming a lattice-like pattern of rough diamonds with flat centers and roughened margins of earth.The Artist Palate mountains at Death Valley. Volcanic substances make the mountain peaks look painted in hues of pink, red, green, and brown. Hikers look tiny on the approach.A panorama of the mesquite sand dunes at Death Valley. Rough green shrubs pop out here and there among the large brown dunes.

In Death Valley we walked across a sea of salt surrounded by distant mountains. We saw pink and green and purple mountains. Rippling dunes of soft sand. Martian hills dotted with angular black stones. Alien landscapes. Impossible vistas.

Was Death Valley a real place, or did I dream it? I have photos… but I still can’t be sure.