Eleven Minutes on a Bike

Rideshare bikes are ubiquitous in Seattle these days, but I’ve been skeptical of their value. Why accept extra risk of death-by-car just to go a little faster? Today, just for kicks, I downloaded the app and hopped a LimeBike home from Seattle Center.

My 11 minute rental cost me $3.75, which is about what I’d pay for a long bus ride or a light rail trip down to SeaTac airport. Biking was about 15 minutes faster than walking home, but biking cost me $3.75 more than walking. Also, because the bike had a battery pack, I probably burned fewer calories than I would have on foot.

A green limebike on a Seattle sidewalk.
This bike is $1 to unlock + 25 cents per minute.

Multiplying it out, a commuter using rideshare bikes for “last mile” commuting to and from work could easily spend $150 per month just to avoid a short walk at the end of their bus or train ride home. Seems pricey to me.

I think I’ll save my $3.75 splurges for espresso and keep on walking. 🚶‍♀️