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Reading Order: The Case of the Missing Finger, The Case of the Karaoke Killer, The Case of the Floating Funeral.

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Curious about the story behind the story? Check out this blog post about Ellie Tappet series: The Story behind my Cruise Ship Cozies

These books were written to music! Check out The Best of David Gray (Deluxe Edition) or the Yacht Rock channel on your favorite streaming service for some chill ocean vibes while you read.

While the Adventurous Spirit is a fictional creation the specs for the ship are loosely based upon the Norwegian Sun, a lovely, not-too-big cruise ship that transits the Panama Canal. Ellie’s tiny stateroom in The Lofts was inspired by the adorable 100 square foot studio units on the Norwegian Bliss. Click here and scroll all the way down for the floor plan.