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Greetings, fellow writer! This page is a catch-all for some of my favorite writing resources.

Resources for Writers

Scrivener – Writing software for Mac & PC

ProWritingAid – This tool is helpful for self-editing.

The Pomodoro Technique – For overcoming procrastination

Writing Excuses – A long-running podcast about improving your writing.

Six Figure Authors – A podcast that interviews high-earning authors.

Helpful Books for Writers

Stephen King’s On Writing – for inspiration

Libby Hawker’s Take Off Your Pants – for story structure

Rachel Aaron’s From 2,000 to 10,000 Words – for productivity

Kristine Rusch’s The Pursuit of Perfection – for reclaiming your voice (bonus: video)

Elana Johnson’s Writing and Releasing Rapidly– for indie publishing

Kristine Rusch’s Creating Your Author Brand – for long-term marketing

Dean Wesley Smith’s The Magic Bakery – for business smarts

My Best Blog Posts about Writing

A Writer’s Development

Let’s Half-Ass NanoWriM0 Together (series)

The Cozy Experiment (series)

My Skill-Development Wiki

Cheri’s Writing Wiki