Let’s Talk Projects: August 2019

Summer is zooming by! And it’s time for my monthly project update:

Writing Projects

Short Stories
After letting it sit for a month, I’m editing The Happiest Place. And I’m hunting for my next short-story idea.

I’m still working on Power Play, firing on all cylinders. Act II is drafted and I’m doing an initial developmental edit of that section before starting Act III.

I’ve also started the prep-work for a new cozy mystery series. More on that below.

Business Projects

Researching the Market
I’ve been wondering: Do I write books that don’t match genre expectations? My mysteries aren’t entirely cozy, but they aren’t thrillers either. And my Emerald City Spies series is about secretary-spies instead of international politics. Hmm. Is there even a market for what I’m writing?

My books sell, but modestly. And if I’d like to do better, it seems wise to consider what’s popular in the marketplace. No, I won’t write billionaire erotica just because it pays well. But I am thinking about the overlap between what I’m interested in writing and where the audiences are.

I’m thinking about alternating between writing the books-of-my-heart and books-for-my-bank-account. But don’t mistake me. I’m not talking about slinging crap or writing things I hate. More like picking fun projects aimed at a bigger audience, and also writing stories that move me, regardless of commercial appeal.

Adding a New Distribution Channel
My books are now available, DRM-Free, on Smashwords. You can find all my links and buy buttons here.

Considering Kindle Unlimited – Continued
After finishing Power Play, I’ll be starting a new cozy mystery series written specifically for Kindle Unlimited. These will be short, light, fun mysteries with a travel theme.

Personal Projects

The summer of fun continues! Aside from our usual city walks, books, and friend hangouts we’ve been feeling domestic. Five years after moving into our itty-bitty condo we’re finally ready to get things like a rug, and curtains, and artwork. We’ve been treating this place like a hotel room for too long, and it’s time to get cozy! Fall is around the corner, and I’m ready.

Anyway, that’s what I’m up to. What are you working on?