Let’s Talk Projects: February 2020

Header: February 2020 Project Update (shows Typewriter)

Greetings, my fellow productivity nerds. It’s time for my monthly project update. These list-y blog posts help me keep track of where I am against my goals, and for anyone following along they provide a realistic look at the work of an independent author.

Short Stories

Nothing new to report.


Last month, we released The Case of the Karaoke Killer. Hooray! As of today, I’ve written 60-70% of my next cruise ship mystery: The Case of the Floating Funeral. That project is taking up most of my time, and I’m having a lot of fun with it. It’s a classic “wealthy patriarch dies and family drama ensues” murder mystery, and it should (knock on wood) be out in March.

Oh! And paperback editions of the first two Ellie Tappet mysteries are now available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. This is our first time publishing paperbacks through BN.com and I’m impressed with the print quality. As always, you can find all books and purchase buttons here.

Business Projects

Trying out Kindle Unlimited: I’m still gathering data.

Website Updates: I have a new resource page for writers, and I’ve made some small improvements to my site. (resizing images for better mobile viewing, etc)

Learning how Amazon Works: In my ignorance, I thought that when you uploaded a new manuscript file to Amazon, readers automatically got the fixed version. Nope! Kindle versions don’t auto-update for readers. I had to talk to tech support, but I finally got the corrected copy of The Case of the Missing Finger out to those who purchased the first error-prone copy.

Personal Projects

Scary Movies: I’ve been digging into the horror genre this last month. And I can recommend Stephen King’s Doctor Sleep and his television show The Outsider. They’re so so good! And on the I-watched-it-so-you-don’t-have-to side, I watched Iron Sky: The Coming Race and The VelociPastor. I linked to the trailers because they’re hilarious and worth a watch. The movies themselves… not so much.

Coronavirus Watchfulness: I’ve been keeping an eye on the news about a potential global pandemic, and every time I’m tempted to wring my hands I buy another package of frozen burritos instead. I refer to this practice as having “Burrito security.” My darling husband mocks me, but do you know those Zombie movies where a small pack of survivors is found three years after the outbreak and everyone’s like “What the hell? How did they make it so long?” Yeah. That’s gonna be me, mofos. Because I have burrito security.

Kidding aside, I’m far more concerned about public panic than I am the virus itself. (Humans get really stupid when they’re scared.) The only thing to do at the moment is set aside some extra groceries and supplies in case you’re stuck indoors for a while, practice good hand-washing, and ignore the people on the internet spreading unfounded rumors. Just like every other day. 🙂

Political Thinking: After months of considering all the options, I’ve settled on Elizabeth Warren as my pick for the presidential primary in Washington State. She’s smart and caring and tough and I think we need all three of those things. I’m not optimistic about our chances at dislodging that virulent orange tick from the USA’s ass next year, but we owe it to the future to try as hard as we can.

So that’s what I’m up to. How are your February projects going?

Have a good week, everyone.