Let’s Talk Projects: November 2019

Fall is my favorite season. It’s beautiful outside when the leaves turn red and gold, and I’m overcome by a warm and cozy feeling when I’m inside with a cup of tea watching rain fall outside my window. There’s also that “back to school” feeling which never seems to fade no matter how old I get, and I find myself wanting to wear plaid skirts and sniff freshly sharpened pencils and swish my feet through the crunchy brown leaves on the sidewalk. And then I want to work-work-work.

A pair of Converse-clad feet, standing on bright green grass specked with small autumn leaves.

So in that spirit of cozy autumn productivity, here’s my monthly project update for November 2019.

Writing Projects

Short Stories
I’m working on a horror short that I’ve tentatively titled The Gig Economy. I wasn’t planning on writing a short story this month, but the idea kept hassling me, so I’m squeezing it in.

The Case of the Missing Finger
is drafted and I’ve gotten good feedback on it. It’s ready for editing! The Case of the Karaoke Killer is outlined and I’ll start writing it Thursday.

Business Projects

Have More Fun. Publish More Frequently.
I’m in the midst of my Cozy Experiment, where I’m writing three cozy mysteries in a row and then releasing them close together.

Planning for 2020
Fall is strategic planning season, and my theme for next year will be “finishing what I’ve started.” My attention has been pretty scattered over the last 12 months, and I’ve got a few different series in a partially-written state. So my focus for 2020 will be tying up my loose threads. That means I’ll be launching the new cozy series, finishing the Emerald City Spies trilogy, and adding at least one more Kat Voyzey mystery.

(Hear how confident I sound? HAR HAR I AM TOTALLY INTIMIDATED BY THESE GOALS but that’s fine.)

And my stretch goal for 2020? Learning how to record audiobooks! I don’t have the big bucks needed for professional narration, but I have a decent microphone and access to recording software. Can I record my own audiobooks? I won’t know until I try.

Personal Projects

Goodbye, and Thanks for all the Fish
My big personal news is that I’m closing down my management consulting business after a successful thirteen-year run. Earlier this year, after my travel sabbatical ended, I tried going back to work part-time, but despite my good intentions I guess my heart wasn’t in it? To my surprise, I’m feeling okay with letting go. Perhaps that’s because I’m so stoked about our fledgling publishing business.

Still, closing down my first business feels like the end of an era. So I’ll lift my imaginary lighter in the air and sway for a moment to some sad, sad, music.

Current Mood:

Well, that’s enough of that! 😋 Anyway, that’s what I’m up to. How about you?