Morning Thoughts: Playing Catch Up

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Good morning!

It’s Monday and I’m up early, my eyes bleary, trying to clear away the mental fog so I can focus. Between election craziness, finalizing The Case of the Lady in the Luggage, and all the little publication tasks that inevitably pop up before a new book goes live, I’m way behind on my NaNoWriMo book! But the good news (and the bad news) is that I have plenty of time to finish. Due to the pandemic we won’t be seeing family in person for Thanksgiving so I can power on through without taking the long weekend off. Can I finish my first draft of Kat Voyzey #4 this month! I think yes. But I’m behind the curve and that means lots of EDM music and hours and hours of keyboard time.

Kat Voyzey was my first protagonist and slipping back into  her ‘voice’ is like wearing a comfy old shoe. And after more than a year working in third person POV writing in first-person feels refreshingly direct. But it’s jarring to slip from Ellie Tappet land (so cozy!) back into the head of my sweary, slightly cynical PI. Kat is a secret optimist, wrapped in a layer of pessimist, wrapped in a layer of barbed wire, doused in caffeine and joyful self-mockery.

She’s fun to write! 🙂

Just to freak myself, out, let’s do some NaNoWriMo math, shall we? Counting today, I have 15 days left in November and I’ve written 12,430 words so far. (Most of that in 3 days, to be honest, I’ve been pretty distracted) I estimate this book will be about 68,000 words long, but my first drafts usually run a tad short, so let’s round that down to 65,000 words. That leaves me 52,570 words to write in 15 days.


That’s 3504 words per day though, which isn’t out of reach for me. Now, let’s say I get two days off, reducing my writing days to 13. That’s 4043 words per day. Again, that’s doable. Really, that’s two chapters a day, which is close to the pace I was keeping before election 2020 threw me off the horse.

Okay! My mental fog is cleared, and I know what I need to do. I need to write 4000 words a day for the rest of November, and if I can do that, I’ll get Thanksgiving day off, plus a day off the following week, and I’ll finish the first draft of this novel by the end of the month.

Ready, set, gooooo!