My Shiny New Website

Hello, friends and readers! Today, I’m launching my redesigned website and restoring my author blog. This site has a new look and feel, quite different than what I had before, including:

  • A minimalist front page with books sortable by genre or series name.
  • A blog with beautiful typography.
  • Overall, a cleaner and simpler look.

I’ve been wanting to redo this site for a while now. Partly because I enjoy tweaking things, but also for a strategic reason: I plan to write in multiple genres. Once I figured that out, I knew I needed a site flexible enough to accommodate a wider variety of stories. I’m also interested in trying my hand at short stories, with some of them posted directly on my blog. So I have lots of plans is what I’m saying. 😊

I’m still tweaking things, so please do leave a comment if something is confusing or seems broken.

A Few Important Changes

I’ve reactivated blog subscriptions by email, but now it’s a weekly digest, sent out on Saturday mornings. If you’d like to get my posts via email, sign up for my mailing list and check the “also send me blog posts” box.

Comments are active. Talk to me, internet friends! Hold forth with your awesome opinions, thoughts, and reactions. For obvious reasons, spam, off-topic replies, and general jerkishness will be moderated into oblivion.

This blog allows webmentions! What’s a webmention? Let’s say you want to respond to something I wrote, but on your own website or page. Just paste in the URL of your awesome post below the comment box on my blog post and once I approve it, your link will show up for everyone to see. Webmentions are a fun way to link up conversations across the web.

And to my micro blog buddies: I’m definitely hanging on to my micro blog! My long-form blog posts will live here, on my author site, but I’ll be using my micro blog for photos, social posts, quips, and links. For non-micro bloggers, my social posts are also available on Twitter and Mastodon.

Back to Work!

Anyway, that’s enough tech stuff!  Here’s the moment where I clear my throat, tap the dusty microphone, and say I’m glad to be back. Creatively, this year has been tough! And I’ll have more to say about that in my next post.

Thanks for reading, and there’s more to come!