Monthly Writing Update: October 2020


Hey, productive peeps and productivity peepers. It’s time for my monthly writing update. These posts help me stay accountable to my goals and for those interested they show a realistic view of the work of an independent author.


The Case of the Lady in the Luggage – Edits are done, and the book is off with my beta readers for a quick round of feedback before we publish. I’ve set a tentative release date of November 20th.

Kat Voyzey #4 – I’ve completed my prep work, and I’m ready to rock for Nanowrimo on Nov 1st. I’m stoked! 🙂 (More on Kat Voyzey below.)

Business Projects

Strategic Planning – It’s strategic planning season at Adventurous Ink and we’re thinking about what we’d like to accomplish next year.

Changing my Mind re: Ongoing Series – Last month I mentioned that I was ending the Kat Voyzey series after book four. I received helpful feedback, a lot of which boiled down to “Why end it when you can revisit it later?” Upon reflection, my answer was “I’m uncomfortable leaving people hanging for a fifth book that may or may not come.” But as it seems I’m the only one bothered by the answer of “wait and see” I’m revising my position. Will there be more Kat Voyzey books? Wait and see! (Also: I sincerely hope so!)

Thanks to everyone who weighed in. I appreciate it. 🙂

WordPress Woes – Automattic is pushing their awful block editor very hard, even on mobile, and to add insult to injury, the theme I use has moved to a custom block editor as well. Yikes. I’m being haunted by content blocks and I need a technology exorcism! And don’t even get me started on the recent iOS updates. After processing my feelings of sadness and anger I realized that I am indeed breaking up with WordPress. (weeps) But there’s good news. P is interested in web technologies, and he’s prototyping a new website for me using Hugo and Tachyon.

We had a good run, WordPress. I regret that our relationship has ended with me wanting to bundle up your code and shoot it into the sun.

Non-Work Stuff

Getting Older – I’m slightly more aged! Whee! Other than those pesky gray hairs I like my forties.

Stoicon – We attended Stoicon via the internet. We’ve been once before, in London, and as much as I love London, full-day philosophy conferences are only improved by being able to participate from your couch wearing your pajamas.

Learning about Electronics – I bought an Arduino set to play with. Ever since I learned about J. Haupt’s rotary cell phone build, I’ve been intrigued by the possibility of making custom electronics. I worked my way through the Adafruit Circuit Playground videos (I enjoy puppet-mediated learning) and I’m dreaming of making my first useless device: a digital display that shows obscure curse words when an RFID fob is scanned.

That’s all my news that’s fit to print! I’m taking a couple days off before Nanowrimo craziness starts on Sunday. Be well, and keep washing those paws!