Privacy Policy

At Adventurous Ink LLC, we’re concerned about the lack of personal privacy on the web. As individuals, we value our privacy, and therefore we operate our business with the goal of treating others the way we want to be treated.

Before you continue to spend time on our site or sign up for our newsletter, please look over the following information. It describes what data you’re allowing us to collect, and your options for removing that data should you want to.

The data we collect:

  • Technical information that’s necessary for the operation of the website. This includes things like your IP address and information about your web browser.
  • Your email address and related contact information, if you sign up for a newsletter.
  • Blog comments, should you choose to post them. A cookie is used to remember your name and email should you opt-in to that. To reduce spam, your IP address and other basic identifying information may be collected along with your comment.
  • Incoming webmentions, pingbacks, and copies of interactions with our blog posts on sites like Twitter.
  • Web analytics provided by our hosting provider and WordPress (Jetpack), so we know where our website traffic is coming from.

How we use the data:

Technical information is stored in server logs, and we (and our hosting provider) may use those logs to examine site performance, fix errors, and look for ways to improve the website. We don’t use this information for marketing purposes.

Your email address (and related contact information) are used to send you information that you requested. We store our mailing lists in the cloud on MailerLite. You may want to look at their privacy policy.

Blog comments, webmentions, and related data are stored in a database on our web server. We may use associated IP addresses to manage spam or block abusive commenters.

How to delete your personal information:

To remove your information from our newsletter list, click on the unsubscribe link at the bottom of any email.

To remove past comments from the blog or if you need any assistance deleting your data, please contact us at We’ll help you out.

Note that information like email and IP addresses may be retained indefinitely for things like blocking spam and malicious behavior. Basically, if you’re a jerk, we’ll continue to block you.

How we use cookies:

Cookies are little bits of code that track you online. Sometimes they’re helpful, like the cookies that keep you logged into a website. Other cookies are invasive; they track your browsing habits and report on you to their shadowy corporate overlords. We limit our use of cookies, and we try to avoid the nasty ones entirely.

Here are some of the cookie-enabled services we use:

We use WordPress, and WordPress uses cookies to remember things like your name, email, and website when you leave a comment (opt-in).

Note: We do not use Google Analytics on our websites. And we use a DoNotTrack plugin to fight rogue cookies.

(Yum. Rogue Cookies!)

Data Sharing & Breaches

We don’t share or sell data or use any third party advertising services on this site. We don’t share our newsletter subscribers’ personal information with other authors or marketers. We don’t upload our email lists to Facebook.

We may share data when ordered to by a court of law. If the request is illegal, we’ll likely try to fight it, but our resources only go so far. Given the type of work we do, we consider court orders unlikely.

And if there’s ever a data breach on our site (although we don’t know why they’d bother) we’ll notify affected parties ASAP.

Hey, We’re Human!

We care deeply about privacy, and that’s why we do our best to keep the forces of darkness at bay. But we won’t be perfect. There may be times when a website plugin gathers more data than we realized. Or our newsletter service could (theoretically) get hacked, because these things happen. Therefore, we can’t guarantee your privacy 100%, but we will do our best to keep your information safe.

Do you have questions or concerns about this policy? If so, contact us at

Updated March 14, 2020.

Reason: To clarify that webmentions, pingbacks, and Twitter interactions are stored on our web server.

Updated September 16, 2019.

Reason: We switched newsletter providers.