Let’s Talk Projects: May 2019

It’s raining in Seattle today, or more specifically, it’s drizzling intermittently, the kind of precipitation that makes the air cool and lively without drenching you when you go outside. Productivity weather, I call it. While I do like sunny days, I also find them oppressive and bossy. Sunshine demands action! It insists that we go outside, and DO SOMETHING. But drizzly dreary days are perfect for working, writing and thinking.

In the spirit of productivity, I’m going to reactivate an old habit of mine: blog posts that talk about my current projects, both professional and personal.

Writing Projects

I’m working on a short story called The Happiest Place. It’s about the choices we make when our future disappears, and even though that subject matter sounds a bit dark, I’m having a blast writing it.

In book news, I’ve figured out where the Emerald City Spies series is headed long-term, so that’s exciting. I’ll resume working on Power Play the first week of June.

Business Projects

I recently re-opened my OD consulting business, so I’ve got a day job again. 😁 The plan is to limit myself to ten hours per week. And while I’m not loving the whole “get up early for meetings” thing, it feels good to get out of the house and spend time helping people face-to-face. I’ve missed that, on sabbatical!

I’m migrating my author newsletter to a new service after Mailchimp announced some changes I can’t agree with. That’s a pain, but these things happen.

I’m wrapping up my website redesign this week. Yay!

And I’ve started researching book promotion methods and book advertising. Up until this point I haven’t done much marketing, but it seems that sites like Amazon bury your books unless you buy ads, so it’s time that I learn how these things work.

Personal Projects

A woman sits alone on a cliff.
We all need some solitude, now and again.

The last couple weeks have been full of extrovert days, with lots of get-togethers, local trips, meetings, and appointments. As fun as it’s been, I’m due for some serious introvert time before I get grouchy.

I’m still working on my internet hygiene, which is a fancy way of saying that I’m cutting back on my web browsing, news browsing, and general internet use. Too much “online content” is disruptive to my creativity and it can even make me feel depressed, so I’m trying to develop better habits without going full Amish. It’s a balance.

What I’m looking forward to: the next sunny day so P and I can go kayaking on Lake Union. And our next D&D game with the guys. Life in general, really! This summer, I plan to cozy up with as much contentment as I can muster. No big plans, just lots of lovely “boring” days. Sounds perfect.

So that’s me. What are you working on?