Road Tripping

A view through the windshield. On the left of the road, a tall sandy hill. On the right, a deep valley full of pine trees.View through a windshield. On the right of the freeway, a rocky cliff. On the left, a deep valley with a range of hills that look like a rumpled blanket out to the horizon.A road stretches forward and curves to the right. Rough-featured mountains close in on both sides. The asphalt strip is the only way forward.A view out the windshield: A rural Idaho highway cuts through snowy fields. Mountains rise up in the far distance on all sides. Twilight has turned the sky dusty blue with a smear of pale pink at the horizon.

Hello from an impromptu road trip in process! I took these photos as we passed through Idaho.

The world is big and beautiful, you know? 🙂 And the people in it are pretty great.