Seattle Trivia: Eat a Bag of Dick’s

Today, I’m sharing a bit of trivia for my Jessica Warne fans. My longtime readers know that I get a kick out of sneaking Seattle references into my books. Sometimes these references are well-known (our perpetual rain and love of coffee, for example), and other times they’re more obscure. Today I’ll share a bit of local color that made it into my most recent novel, Power Play.

Q: In Seattle, what’s the appropriate reaction when a friend suggests that you “eat a bag of Dick’s”?

A: Enthusiasm! Around these parts, “eating a bag of Dick’s” refers to picking up food from Dick’s Drive-In, a local institution.

Ha! It’s a crude phrase that has an innocent meaning. And when Mickey brought it up in Power Play, I almost took it out. I worried: was the phrase too random? Too gross?

In the end, I left it in. Shouldn’t a writer be allowed to wink at her fellow Seattleites from inside her book? Besides, Mickey and Cody would totally eat a bag of Dick’s after a stakeout. They were nearby, and the food is delicious.

Two greasy paper bags and a soda cup from Dick's Burgers.

Here’s what I suggest, omnivores. If you ever visit our fair city, be sure to consume a bag of Dick’s upon arrival. Not only are their burgers tasty, but they have a long track record of treating their workers well. They’re as much a part of our city as the Space Needle and the Fremont Troll.

For extra credit: See Dick’s Burgers in Macklemore’s White Walls music video.