Shall We Half-Ass NaNoWriMo Again?

It’s October, and you know what that means, my fellow word nerds. National novel writing month is right around the corner. And I hereby invite you to half-ass Nanowrimo with me. Shall we write a book this November? If you’re a writer, or if you want to be, Nanowrimo is a fun way to write a novel in community with writers all around the world.

Officially, 50,000 words is considered a novel under Nanowrimo rules, and that’s where my invitation to half-ass comes in. Last year, I wrote the first draft of The Case of the Karaoke Killer in November, and my first draft was not quite 50,000 words long. To which I say: So what? I had a fun and productive month. Let’s not use an arbitrary number as some measure of worthiness. Lest you forget, I’m currently writing my ninth novel and I’ve never officially “won” Nanowrimo. We can shoot for that number, or not, and we can hold the whole thing lightly.

If writing a novel (or novella, or story of any kind) is on your bucket list, I hope you’ll join me in October for prep, and in November for writing. I’ll be posting advice and pep talks here on the blog for the next two months.

For many writers, October is known as Preptober. So let’s prep!

My Nanowrimo Project

I plan to write my next Kat Voyzey mystery in November. (Woot!) I estimate the first draft will be about 50,000 words long. And as I write that out, I’m already feeling nervous, because this means I need to finish my current project, stat! Otherwise I won’t be ready to start on November 1st.

Wow. I’m already feeling the pressure. This is good. 😁

Spaceballs screen cap: Prepare ship for Ludicrious Speed!

Preptober Basics

Last year, I wrote out my process for preparing a novel. It works best if you follow steps 1-4 in sequence, and if you’re following along, I’ll suggest you do a minimum of one step per week during October.

#1 The Idea

#2: Structure

#3: Character, POV, & Setting

#4: Beat Sheets

#5: Mindset

Tips & Tricks for 2020

I’d like to do another round of Nanowrimo prep posts this year. But what to write about? I suppose I could share some of my own preps, although that might get tricky if I don’t want to show spoilers for my upcoming novel. And I have writerly tips and pep talks I could share.

Hmm. I’ll think about it. In the mean time, if there are any writing topics you’d like to see addressed in this year’s batch of posts, let me know.