Orientation to Murder

Book Cover: Orientation to Murder
A missing new hire. An identity-crisis in full swing. Kat’s back on the case. But should she be?
Fresh off the success of her last case, Kat is ready to take her sleuthing to the next level. So when an employee known as the “bathroom bandit” begins wreaking havoc at the hospital, Kat’s determined to track him down no matter how many unsanctioned stakeouts it takes.

Matters become more serious when a employee goes missing during new hire orientation. Working with her friend Detective Susan Patterson, Kat digs into the victim’s past, but the unanswered questions only multiply, and not everyone is supportive of Kat’s sleuthing ways. After all, what does an office worker know about investigating crimes? And wouldn’t it be better if she stayed in her own lane?

Kat is at a crossroads, but when a second attack occurs, it’s all hands on deck to find the killer roaming the halls of the hospital. With the help of her friends she’s got a shot at cracking the case. But is her plan too risky? Sleuthing is one thing, but coming face-to-face with a murderer is a far scarier proposition.

What Readers Are Saying:

On the one hand it’s a classic cozy mystery, on the other, it has an unusual setting and a smart sleuth with a wicked sense of humor.  The solution of the case takes the reader by surprise.

Loved it! Once I started reading couldn’t put it down again.

The Kat Voyzey Mysteries

About the Series

This series is in the Amateur Sleuth genre, featuring a business woman as the heroine, and it’s written in first-person perspective.  Fans of whodunnit-style murder mysteries will enjoy this series, which includes humor, sleuthing, and a stubborn heroine who believes strongly in justice.

The Kat Voyzey series could be described as a cozy mystery, as most violence takes place off the page, and there’s no explicit sex or gore. Readers seeking a clean read should be aware there’s some adult language.