A Tiny Visitor

Oh my gosh. It’s LEGO Ellie Tappet!

A LEGO minifig of a gray-haired lady with glasses. She’s wearing white and pink and carrying a pink teapot.

She stopped by to let us know that the first two Ellie Tappet cruise ship mysteries are out in paperback from Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

LEGO Ellie lays on the ground between paperback copies of The Case of the Missing Finger and the Case of the Floating Funeral.

Oh, and she also asked me to remind you to take some time for yourself today. How about a nice cup of tea? Whether you’ve been working hard, matchmaking, or solving crimes, it’s important to take time for self-care.

LEGO Ellie Tappet stands next to a box of English Breakfast tea.

Next time I’ll try to have some Earl Gray on hand. I know it’s her favorite, and all I had was English Breakfast.