The Half-and-Half Schedule: First Impressions

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I’ve been trying out my new writing schedule for ten days, and I have a few initial impressions.

The Half-and-Half Schedule

Named for half writing, half editing.

7:30 Drink Coffee, read, blog, and/or wake up.

8:30 Walk and Walk/Run on alternate days for 30 minutes

9:30 Write (project A)

12ish Lunch (usually listening to a podcast)

1:00 Edit (project B)

3:30 Marketing Hour

Things that are Working Out

Exercise: Wow. I’m actually exercising regularly! As a chronic non-exerciser, this one comes as a surprise. There are several factors making this work for me. First, I take an hour to wake up and enjoy my coffee before I work out. The whole “work out first thing in the morning” thing has always been hell for me because for my first 45 minutes of wakefulness I’m as cranky as a brown bear with a thorn in its paw. But working out after coffee is downright pleasant! I like running with Patrick because we can chat as we run. Also, my focus has been on pleasant runs, which is vastly different than trying to complete a run or running for time/speed. Who needs the clock? Forget how many minutes I spend jogging versus walking! I’m not tracking myself. I’m not a scientific experiment, or a walking spreadsheet, or a bundle of unfulfilled accomplishments. I’m just going out for a pleasant run or walk, every weekday morning. And so long as it’s nice I’ll continue to do it.

Enjoying Work: Having two projects to work on has been great. I thought that writing one story and editing another might make my brain explode, and it did make me feel tired at first, but overall it’s been even more fun than working on a single project. I can work on one project for a while until I run out of steam, then switch gears and find myself energized for the other project.

Things I’m Sorting Out

Productivity: I’m still not sure how splitting time between two projects is going to impact my overall productivity. Certainly I expected to make slower progress working on two things at once as opposed to one, although I figured it would even out in the end. (finishing one draft or edit per month, versus finishing a draft and an edit in two months…) At this point I feel like I’m moving more slowly? But I’ll give it some time before I worry about it.

Which Project First?:  I intended to write in the morning and edit in the afternoon. But some mornings I wake up with my editing project looming large in my brain, and then I switch to writing in the afternoon. That’s fine, but as I adjust to my own mood I can see that I’m not doing equal amounts of both projects per day. Again, I won’t worry about it, but I’m keeping an eye on it.

Marketing Hour: On the one hand, an end-of-day marketing hour sounds great, doesn’t it? Just shove all those tasks into the end of the workday! This works well for ongoing responsibilities, but sometimes a marketing task can take half the day. I spent a good chunk of yesterday getting my Kat Voyzey series moved over to Kindle Unlimited, then I had to write some ad copy, then I had to reach out to a half-dozen promo sites to get my promotions scheduled, and so on. My marketing hour may need to become a marketing half-day, once per week.

Wake Up Time: Gah. I’m so not a morning person. I’ve managed to start my day at 8:30, which is an hour later than my stated schedule. That’s fine, but it tends to compress my morning writing time a bit, so I may need to shift the whole schedule an hour later. No big deal, but worth noting.

Overall I’m pleased with the new schedule! If all I get out of this is better physical health and more enjoyment from my work, that’s a huge win. And some of the other bits may need tweaking, but that’s normal whenever you try something new. Have a good day, blog buddies. I’m off to work.