The Road Home

Alas, all road trips must come to an end, and the end is nearing for this one. We zipped past the San Francisco Bay Area (too crowded, especially in times like these) to drive up the California/Oregon coast.

After days in the desert, the explosion of green was a welcome sight.

Giant redwood trees (4-5 feet thick) on either side of a scenic freeway.Hundreds of cheerful white daisies with yellow centers.

We stopped to admire the street art in Eureka, CA

A mural shows two Sasquatches reading books on a forest. Garden gnomes nearby read on their smart phones.The side of a large building is painted with a colorful scene of Tokyo at night. There are several cars and many neon streetsigns.

And we arrived at the place I was most excited to see: the Pacific Ocean.

Cheri sprints toward the ocean leaving footprints on the sand behind her.Cheri stands at the edge of the ocean, her arms held out wide. The waves form a long line behind her with the ocean beyond.A panoramic image of ocean waves spilling onto the brown sand.

I do love the sea. ☺️

It’s been a nice trip! We did a long loop, WA-ID-UT-NV-CA-OR-WA, mostly sticking to small towns and state/national parks. We never planned more than one day in advance, except for a two-day stay in Zion so we could hike at the park.

And what am I feeling right now? Appreciation. The USA is very big and very diverse in all senses of the word. P & I have done a fair amount of international travel, yet spending time in rural Utah/Nevada is a cultural experience all its own.

The exterior of Mollie’s Cafe. The red and white paint is faded.
Snowville Utah
Several rectangular buildings on a street, reminiscent of a wild-west town.
Tonopah, NV

Traveling without an agenda puts me in a mode of low expectations. That frees me up; every small discovery becomes an exercise in delight. The enormous candy store near Death Valley? Suprising and delicious. The haunted hotel and fabulous used bookstore in Tonopah? Quirky and fun. Inspired by the town’s Western vibe, I picked up a cowboy novel to take home. These aren’t places we planned to visit, but I enjoyed bumping into them.

A tow truck holds up a flying saucer at a roadside bar called the Ale-inn
Rachel, NV on the Extraterrestrial Freeway

Thanks for following along with my little adventure, blog buddies. I’m back to work on Friday, and looking forward to it.

Have a great day.