The Shelter in Place Diaries: Watching Cartoons

It’s Saturday, and I’m eating waffles and watching cartoons, as is traditional.

Do you like cartoons? Here are my favorites (and favorite episodes) in rough order.

  1. Futurama – Luck of the Fryrish
  2. Rick and Morty – Pickle Rick
  3. Castlevania – For Love
  4. Scooby Do Mystery Incorporated – The Creeping Creatures
  5. Archer – The Limited
  6. Bojack Horseman – Fish out of Water
  7. She-Ra and the Princesses of Power – Princess Prom
  8. South Park – You have 0 friends
  9. Bob’s Burgers – The Equestranauts


Fry and Bender lounge on the couch in front of a TV

Happy weekend!