The Shelter in Place Diaries: Points of Light

The Shelter in Place Diaries


Downtown Seattle


Greetings from the word mines of Belltown proper where I am feeling less than impressed with my weekly productivity. It’s been an up-and-down week, and today I’m back on the upswing. Yesterday I loaded up Steam for the first time in months and played several hours of Civilization 5.  We ordered a pizza. And I didn’t engage with the news except to watch Governor Inslee’s press conference. He looked tired (he’s no doubt been working very long days) and he went on this extended rambly metaphor about how we all need to “embrace our loved ones” by social distancing  and P & I looked at each other and laughed because EMBRACE might not be the most apt word to use right now.  Still, the message was good, and the information was good, and happily Washington State is starting to see some of that “curve flattening” we’ve all been hearing so much about. The increase in the rate of infection is slowing down. So that’s a little point of light.

Last night, at 8pm, Seattle borrowed an idea from Italy and people all over the city opened their windows and went out on their porches and cheered and clapped and sang and flashed their lights on and off in a show of support for our healthcare workers.  For five minutes, we sent the message. And I think we were all reminded that our own stories of being stuck inside and worried are tiny patches on a quilt that covers the entire globe. To see everyone else was also a reminder that we’re not just stuck inside and worried. We’re also stuck inside and grateful. And for every negative story we hear about, there are likely hundreds or thousands of positive stories not getting a moment of attention. Like the stories of those quietly doing the right thing. And of course, the stories of those essential workers out there serving others and kicking the pandemic’s ass.

I’m doing a little better at keeping things in perspective, I think.

Adding to my good cheer is the fact that we got groceries delivered today. We have flour, blog buddies. And chocolate chips! Cookies are totally going to happen. And the nice produce guys at Pike Place Market are still working – they packed us a bag of fruits and veggies while we stood back and pointed at what we wanted. So touch base with your local farmers market if you’re eating nothing but non-perishables and you’re concerned about getting scurvy.

Because we all know how that story goes. First you stop eating oranges. You get scurvy. Then you’re forced to live a pirate’s life at sea. That might sound exciting, but it’s quite inconvenient. Do you have time to become a pirate? I know I don’t. Hence the oranges on my kitchen counter.

Anyway. I’ve got a fresh batch of chapters to edit, and they’re good ones, so I’m going to go do that now.

Have a good evening! And keep washing those paws.