The Shelter in Place Diaries: Laughter in the Night


The Shelter in Place Diaries


Downtown Seattle


Hello from the quiet city. The sleepy city. The city that gives you a momentary thrill of The Walking Dead– style strangeness when you wake up and look down upon the streets to see only bare roads and empty sidewalks. But don’t fear, because before long you’ll see signs of life. An occasional car sliding by. A Metro bus idling. Two Amazonians strolling down the street to get some air before they return to their apartments to log into work. Once you see movement Seattle isn’t eerie any longer. But for the first ten seconds, yeah, the stillness sends a little chill up your spine.

Where is everyone?

It’s good that we’re all being cautious. Yet I find it draining to be cautious for weeks on end. Let’s invent a new word, shall we? The word is BUNDANCE and it refers to a sufficient quantity of caution. From here on out, we can have a bundance (of caution).  And once we have a bundance, we can turn our focus to other things.  Like living our lives. Our lives are a bit strange right now, but they are still our lives. Let’s live them.

I’ve been so wound-up about the state of the world that I needed to unclench. Literally. Last night, I passed noisy gas in the night and it sent me into gales of uncontrollable laughter. Messy, eyes-leaking, convulsing, hysterical laughter. Contagious laughter. That one-minute-you’re-fine and the-next-minute-you’re-howling laughter.

I tooted. I laughed until I cried. Then I slept for a solid nine hours. It was fabulous. And in this quiet morning after a noisy night I have a couple thoughts:

  1. Once you have a bundance, it’s best to focus on other things. Like being alive. Remember, a bundance is a sufficient amount of caution.
  2. Laugh if you can! And if you can’t, drink two cans of La Croix with dinner. Because that might just do the trick.

I can’t believe I’m sitting here telling you about my fart, but these are strange times, blog buddies. 😂 Such strange times.