The Sound of Music

It’s about time for us to say goodbye to Bavaria and prepare for our journey home. Today we did our last “touristy” thing by taking a day trip to Austria to see Salzburg and the Alpine setting of The Sound of Music.

I’m more of a Singin’ in the Rain kinda girl. But Salzburg and the Alps are quite beautiful. My favorite part of the trip was the boat ride on Lake Wolfgangsee.

A big grassy park with swirling lines of purple pansies across the grass, like calligraphy made of flowers. The interior of an ornate Catholic cathedral with white high vaulted ceilings, scrollwork, paintings, and natural light beaming down on the altar. In the background: rugged and jagged mountains. In the center: A massive blue lake surrounded by fall foliage. In the foreground: A cluster of red and brown roofs of a Bavarian village. A shoreline of traditional Bavarian houses (hatched patterns, wide balconies with flowers, peaked roofs) as seen from a boat in the center of lake Wolfgangsee.

Such a gorgeous area! My favorite moment happened on the boat ride. There was a recorded voice describing various landmarks, but the narrator’s voice was super-eerie (like the twins from The Shining!) and she kept talking about historical drowning deaths. Then, in between her gloomy reminiscences, they played upbeat songs from The Sound of Music.

Here is where a wedding party drowned in 1603 when they danced too frantically and fell through the ice to their deaths… You will remember it!

🎢 The hills are alive with the sound of music! 🎡

It was bizarre as heck, and I was highly entertained. πŸ˜‚