Twitter Gets Squeezed

Well, Twitter has removed some options for opting-out of data sharing. Certain activity in the Twitter app will now be shared with “partners” including Facebook and Google regardless of your consent. And this is quite the change! Twitter has a long history of giving users control over tracking and information sharing on their platform. And why change things now? Revenue is the obvious answer, but this may be a portent of further changes.

You might not have heard: Twitter recently underwent a soft-takeover by a hedge fund. Twitter’s CEO isn’t fired, yet, but the writing is on the wall. Beneath the quippy corporate language used to describe the “partnership” with Elliot Management, the message seems clear. Dorsey (that principled corporate hippie) is being slowly wheeled out the door while this new board of directors prepares to grip Twitter like a ripe orange and squeeze it for all the juice they can. Hedge funds typically aren’t gentle. Hedge funds are often like parasites – they drain organizations of value before moving on to the next. I’d love to be wrong here, but my business sense is tingling. This isn’t good news for Twitter fans, and it isn’t good news for the company either. But hey, some rich assholes will get richer, right?

Yikes, I say. Yikes.