Walking and Plotting

Have you noticed that it’s easier to solve a problem when you go for a walk? I’m not sure if it’s the increased blood flow to my brain, or the fresh air, or the rhythm of my steps, but walking always helps me think.

Today, Patrick and I took a walk and discussed corporate espionage, secure server farms, and plausible criminal motives. But don’t worry. We’re not planning anything devious. We’re just working out a few plot details for the next Jessica Warne novel. 🙂

Here are a few photos from our walk:

A grassy hill is littered with autumn leaves in the fog. There is a running path crossing it, and two wooden benches are barely visible in the distance.
Myrtle Edwards park
A crane (bird) stands at the edge of the water at Elliott Bay. In the mist beyond, an empty cargo ship is floating in the bay.
A crane at the water’s edge
At the water’s edge, someone has stacked tough-sided rocks into tall cairns. A daisy is in the lower left corner, showing a splash of color against the gray.

Where do you like to walk when you’re working through a problem?